Friday, July 19, 2013

cherish what u have now

It does seem to be true on the fact that as we grow older and as time past
there is not much excitement goin on in ur life anymore
compare to the past 
but of course it is not always good to dwell on the past
from here on it also show us that wen good things happen cherish them
u will never know that the next thing that they are gone from ur life
no matter how much u wanna turn back the time u just cant
people who used to be close to u and there in ur social circle
will one day move on one by one whether u like it or not

laughing together making nonsense video together it might sound 
ridicules at that moment in time but then wen u look back at it again
it in fact is the best moment of ur life. 
The crazy frens that help u to open up urself to other
they are the one who make me who i am today :D

Friday, June 7, 2013

looking back does give some moment of hapiness

Have u ever had the feeling of wanting to go back in time 
and just enjoy the moment again
well i do from what i have look back in my past
while i dun have much to do at the moment 
it does give a very enjoyable moment for u to look back at it
eventhough there are certain bitter past that we might have gone through
but by looking back at all these post that u have written in the past few years
it can sumtime fill ur loneliness moment again with the hapi one
it make u feel back that moment in time again.
people might have said " why do u even blog?"
So lifeless ah u?
YES I can say I am lifeless at the moment
rather than just sitting there without doing anything
by writting or reading ur blog post again it sure does make ur brain tink again
sumtimes u must admit that u can even read back all those
chat or messages that u have wit ur best frens or someone special to u

it sure does happen to me :D

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thank you for being there

It's again been awhile ive written or update my blog and pour out my feeling to u all
it sure does feel nostalgic doin these as this is what i love to do
back many years ago pouring out what i have come across in life
recounting to u all what have happen in a day to day basis

loads of thing have happen in the past few months
good and bad 
i lose and gain things in my life
people have change that is what i have to accept first of all
it is also the most painful incident that i hv to encounter as well

there is one thing in my mind rite now that i always wanted to make a difference on
which is the thing that i have done wrong towards my fren the one fren that
who always there for me during my up and downs
especially during the down i have learn many things from him when the first time
i reached sunway but there is one incident that might have changed the whole
relationship of ours which i regretted alot..

coming to realize what i hv gain and loss i actually have lose big 
this is the one person who i make a stupid decision to part away from
that have make me tink so much of why i have done so
but of course again theres nuthing i can change anything from it
like what my fren have said "what have happen happened"
true enough theres nuthing i can do abt it.

just look forward for the best in the near future that i was given the 
opportunity to clear up the mess.
i just want to thank them for making me realize all these mistake
without it i cannot think as wide as i am now
making me realize to cherish what have been there for u
people and frens who is always there for u
and i clearly know who they are :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My feeling is unstable

Thinking back of what ive used to be 
being able to write alot about my feeling in the blog last time
but one thing for sure a lot of mixed emotion have happen to me
HAPPINESS FRUSTRATION CONFUSION all that happen at one time
I just do not know how to actually see it
The concept of me am I being selfish to others
just cared abt my own feeling 
or is selfish also considered wen u cared abt how u wanna care abt a girl so much
is tat being selfish not rly considering whether they like it or not 
even if i do i just cant stop it cuz tats who i am i guess
afraid to show tat i care for u too much until sumtimes i cool down my feeling
I also never want to put it all on u but do not know that it will turn out to be tat way
not wad i wanted from the start

So what am I doing now? 
Even when i say I love you also sumtimes cuz i say it too much
they might think I am not serious about it
im confused on how to show my feeling edy
especially i am a very sensitive guy when i get jealous that easily over small thing
it is very annoying actually 
yes I am being childish but I am doing my best
my thinking always always stop me from doing sumthing lovely and caring
I do not know why I cant get over it

I always question myself am I worth it n when i ask this qs to myself
another voice say only YOU (myself) will know that
it is like i am fighting myself here 

now i am writing this because i just feel like throwing out my feeling 
I felt guilty for always wanting ur attention
this is not what a man should do
which what i am doing something abt it now
not because i do not care abt u
but in fact it is because i care for u too much....

when u see this post it might not make u hapi or tired again n im sori......

Sunday, October 7, 2012


It really is has been a while isn't it
well im back people :D
i realize something that i never realize way before
that is people have said im very good at using my words to create
a strong emotion towards something
i guess this is wad i can work on from now :D

sooo!!! well wads been happening with me :)
loads have happen to me :D
but the one that give the best impact is 
me attending the ASIAWORKS TRAINING :D

I met loads of people from diff background and ages
and u know what i can really blend in with them :D
interesting isnt it? haha

They make me realize and ensure me that who I am
is more than what I am now
and the strongest quality I have is using words to convey strong
meaning to other people life
that is why in one of the STRETCH that I had
who care nothing but himself turn into
~~~A CUPID~~~
something that i thought can i even become one of it
well im supposed to write a letter to 3 of the people that
i feel have made alot of contribution in the journey
so and i did i wrote 3 letters in a time of 15 mins
this is because i have run out of time 

but nevertheless i never had thought that by my messages to
these three people:
1. Garie
2. Sam
3. Agnes
will ever meant alot to them it was a surprise to myself as well
i never thought i hv to kneel down in front of them
and read out that letter in front of 30 other people in the room
my heart rly pound alot but i realize that I am actually hapi
to be given this chance to send this message of mine to them

I have finally contribute to the people that i want to contribute the most to
the 3 most important people that I care about in the training
that 5 days have been a roller coaster ride to me but it rly worth it

it has slowly change me n somehow find myself back
the talent or quality that i have recently found i really want to make use out of it
for the benefit of other people and myself 
~this is who I AM~


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New fan :D

Tell u guys wad i've recently become a fan of
Lindsey Stirling :D
pro violinist
don't ask me why so sudden but it just hit me :D


Thursday, January 19, 2012


My first post in the year 2012

wad to say loads of stuff happen though since the last post
guess i havent been updating myself
wad to do no one seems to read the blog anymore
tats make me have no motivation in writing tis edy
no support how to write? haha
like i said many things have happen

1. I bought a new Blackberry haha thanx to my mum
2. Made a new bunch of frens back in Medan who apparently are my sister frens
3. I decided to change course from Business Management to Communication this have been confirmed
4. I have no more goldfish in my room
5. Received the best ever present from my die hard Liverpool fren JON
took him less than a week to send which is surprising haha
6. lost my wallet on the way back from Lake Toba
7. Nuthing much from wad i remember edy

anyway goin back to Medan again tomorrow to celebrate THE CNY :D